Center for Professional Education

Are you a teacher or school counselor who wants to earn a professional certificate? Would you like to improve your skills or add a teaching endorsement? Are you looking for an educational partner for your school district? Whatever your need, SPU has something to offer in the realm of professional development and continuing education.

CPE News

Message from CPE's Director

Read a note from our new director, Dr. Pete Renn, who joined the Center for Professional Education in August 2016, and is entering his 25th year as a professional educator. 

Educator Retooling Conditional Scholarship Program

Many of the endorsements offered through the Center for Professional Education are in high need areas and may qualify educators for a PESB-offered scholarship in subject shortage areas.  Read more about how to apply in 2017.

Administrator ProCert Update

Based on a January 2017 decision by the Professional Educator Standards Board, SPU will not offer a 2017-2018 Administrator ProCert program.  Current candidates, certificate holders, and other interested parties are invited to read more about what the future holds.

The Center for Professional Education at SPU

Educators worldwide benefit from the quality resources of the Center for Professional Education in Seattle Pacific University’s School of Education. The largest provider of continuing education credits for teachers in Washington state, SPU offers courses that are focused on your needs and delivered both online and in the classroom. Through Seattle Pacific, you’ll be equipped to make a positive difference in your school or district — and in the lives of your students.

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"Reflection on practice bolsters my ability to consider each student from a holistic perspective by taking into account the various aspects students need to accomplish their greatest level of success."
Eric Levine
2015-16 ProTeach Candidate


"Some teachers started the support course with the feeling of obligation, but left with the feeling of having become a better educator through the intense reflection that happens because of the course."
Veronica West
M.Ed, SPU ProTeach Facilitator


"Far from 'hoop jumping,' the ProCert experience is the most personalized professional development I’ve seen in my 21 years of school counseling."
Stephanie Horrocks
Ph.D, SPU Adjunct Professor