Administrator Professional Certification Program

The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) will serve as your first contact for updates regarding certification maintenance.

OSPI’s Professional Certification Office:
PO Box 47200
Olympia, WA 98504-7200

Phone: 360-725-6400
Fax: 360-586-0145


Based on a January 2017 action by the Professional Educator Standards Board, Administrator ProCert programs will conclude in June 2017. As a result, SPU will not offer a 2017-2018 Administrator ProCert program. An ongoing review of Administrator second-tier licensure will continue under PESB guidance.

Principals or Program Administrators with Residency Certificates expiring before July 1, 2019, may pursue a 3-year renewal through the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). This is a paper-application process and must be submitted directly to OSPI’s Certification Office. Applications for the 3-year extension are available on the OSPI website.

Residency, Professional, and Continuing certificate holders in the role of Administrator may:

  1. Renew a certificate by completing 100 Professional Development aligned clock hours (10 credits) during 5-year validity date of certificate– see below for new SPU course offering!
  2. Renew a certificate by completing four annual Professional Growth Plans (PGPs) during 5-year validity date of certificate
  3. Renew a certificate by combining completed PGPs with clock hours for a total of 100 hours during the 5-year validity date of certificate

PESB also provided language regarding those who are currently enrolled, as well as those who have already met current requirements for Professional Certification: “Historically, those individuals who have completed the requirements for second tier (professional) certification are not required to complete or ‘re-do’ the work under a new model. They have already earned the certificate using the standards and procedures in place at the time, and are ‘grandfathered’ into any new system.”

Seattle Pacific University is committed to serving and supporting educators. We’ve enjoyed collaborating with school leaders and are grateful for each candidate who has contributed to the Professional Certification program at SPU. It’s a joy to witness the impact leaders have in Washington schools. Please continue to explore our online catalog to find meaningful professional development course offerings!