Courses for K-12 Educators

As the largest provider of continuing education credits for teachers in Washington State, SPU's Center for Professional Education is focused on the current needs of K-12 educators.

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Debunking "Neuromyths" with CPE Instructor Cathy Gangstad

No matter what you call it – educational neuroscience, mind-brain and education, or neuroeducation, it’s a topic that’s beginning to influence educational practice in an effort to engage students and increase their skills.  Take this quiz to see if you can tell fact from fiction. 


SPU Hosts Korczak Conference to Promote Social and Emotional Learning

The upcoming international conference celebrates the life and work of Janusz Korczak (pronounced Kor -chok), a doctor, scholar and educator who advocated for children's rights, directed Jewish and Christian orphanages, and eventually demonstrated his commitment to his children by perishing with them in a concentration camp. Read more of his inspiring story and the conference on SPU's campus to honor his legacy. 

EDCT 5702: Teacher Collaboration to Support Professional Learning

In this online leadership course, you will examine the important role that teacher leadership plays in today's schools. You'll learn to evaluate professional development models through the lenses of leadership theory, and study how adults learn. The course is grant-funded and totally free to all eligible educators. 


"Reflection on practice bolsters my ability to consider each student from a holistic perspective by taking into account the various aspects students need to accomplish their greatest level of success."
Eric Levine
2015-16 ProTeach Candidate


"Some teachers started the support course with the feeling of obligation, but left with the feeling of having become a better educator through the intense reflection that happens because of the course."
Veronica West
M.Ed, SPU ProTeach Facilitator


"Even excellent teachers have areas to grow, and participating in Field Experience can help educators explore these areas, then build skills addressing specific needs."
Molly Evans, 
SPU Field Experience Supervisor