Course Description

This workshop is designed to bring the material in Culturally Responsive Teaching in the Brain to life by using examples and experiential activities in a workshop that, in itself, models the principals of culturally responsive teaching.

Course Outline

  • Dependent vs. Independent learners
  • Information, Partnerships, Information process, Building Community
  • Identifying Socio-Political Context: layers of culture
  • Recognizing our cultural frame of reference
  • The process of building learning partnerships: connection, alliance, building intellective capacity
  • Learning in community

Learner Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Articulate 3 ways in which understanding the brain enhances culturally responsive pedagogy
  • Self identify 3 ways in which he/she can increase classroom connectivity
  • Identify 3 ways in which he/she already engages the reticular activating systems and 3 new tools for engagement that are effective across cultures
  • Plan 3 ways for improving academic alliance in his/her classroom
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