Course Description

This is a fun, theme based hands-on course that helps teachers better understand mathematical concepts found in all elementary and middle school math curricula. Uses the theme as a tool for learning ways to imbed math with other subject areas in the classroom. Participants will also learn to teach and assess their students' math understanding using a variety of approaches. Core learning will also address standardized test expectations for all grade levels. Focuses on the use of many mathematical manipulatives as a way to enhance, assess and individualize any existing curricula to meet each student's level of mathematical understanding. Nobody is put "on the spot" to demonstrate their current mathematical knowledge during this course, so math expert or not, this course will offer each person new ideas and techniques and is guaranteed to be fun for all.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will have:

  • Gained a better understanding of the following mathematical concepts and how students progressively experience them throughout the grade levels: place value, numeric operations, fractions/decimals/percents, algebraic sense, probability and geometry. Learned how hands-on materials enhance their ability to meet differing student learning styles, and thus will be able to teach math more effectively to a broad group of students within their classrooms.
  • Increased their understanding of discourse in math activities and will develop questioning strategies to use in problem-solving activities.
  • Increased their understanding of adjusting a daily lesson to accommodate individual learners; they will develop assessment tools that meet the needs of the various levels of thinking within their classroom.
  • Had an opportunity to explore a bounty of math resources throughout the workshop.
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