Course Description

Our students greatly benefit from the chance to practice using digital tools appropriately. This course explores how blogging can foster positive social skills and internet safety, all while presenting student work to an authentic audience -peers! By creating personalized, professional spaces, students exhibit pride in their work and build classroom community. Teach communication and collaboration skills, encourage metacognitive thinking, foster engagement, and breed student ownership over learning via the power of the student blog.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will be able to explain:

  • how blogging can be applied to instruction to meet ISTE Student Standards and prepare students for the future
  • how blogging fosters student autonomy and principles of constructivist learning
  • how an authentic audience can improve student writing and thinking
  • how blogging channels students to reflect on their learning and practice metacognition
  • how blog commenting engages students in feedback loops with their peers and teachers and builds community in the classroom
  • how an online presence allows students to authentically practice digital citizenship
  • how blogging can be applied to their own teaching context, to include standards, technology tools, assessment practices and challenges
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