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Prerequisite: EDSE 5022. Introduces the social-cognitive approach to behavior management in the school as well as motivation and self-management. Covers cognitive-behavior modification (CBM) and cognitive restructuring, a CBM strategy used to help students challenge their own irrational thinking that contributes to their behavior problems. Also examines the CBM strategies of self-instructional training, verbal mediation, and problem solving. Discusses teaching students how to manage stress (in the form of anxiety, depression, anger) that also contributes to their behavior problems. Also covers the diagnosis of behavior problems using a social-cognitive approach, facilitating student use of self-management and CBM strategies, and measuring student progress.


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Advanced Classroom Management: Children as Change Agents
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Course is self-paced. Completion time: up to one year from date of enrollment.

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It is strongly recommended that you take EDSE 5022 to learn the basic terms and concepts of behavior management prior to taking this advanced course.

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