Course Description

A foundational course in Brain Compatible Teaching Methods for all who wish to understand the vital link between movement and cognition. Explore cutting edge dance pedagogy and best practices in teaching BrainDance, Conceptual Creative Dance, and Integrated Curriculum. The course is designed for educators at all levels including classroom teachers, art, dance and music specialists, physical education teachers, and therapists.

Learner Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Increase understanding and application of brain-compatible teaching methods and BrainDance
  • Develop an awareness of the value and importance of dance in education
  • Increase expertise in teaching creative dance conceptually and developmentally
  • Engage in kinesthetic activities to increase learning and integrate body and mind
  • Better understand diverse cultures through dance forms
  • Strengthen modern dance and choreography skills
  • Learn management techniques guaranteed to create a collaborative and positive learning atmosphere
  • Explore diverse learning styles and methods to reach special needs students through movement and dance


This course can be taken for credit or clock hours. Clock hours are available under CEU 0857.
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