Course Description

This course is designed to explore the essential elements needed for the acquisition of knowledge and competencies to promote 21st century learning skills. Participants in this course will learn about the need for collaboration, communication, and critical and creative thinking. The effective use of technology and media literacy will be investigated. This course prepares K–16 educators by engaging them in thoughtful dialogue and activities that promote 21st century ideas and understanding of students’ diverse, digital, and global learning needs.

Learner Outcomes

To deepen and/or apply the content and skills of the teacher’s existing professional knowledge base by meeting the following global goals of this course:
1. To understand the 21st century learning tenets (NBPTS 1,2,5 & InTASC 1,2,9)
2. To analyze elements associated with collaboration, communication, and critical and creative thinking (NBPTS 2,3,4 & InTASC 5,7,8,10)
3. To enhance knowledge of effective instructional strategies including productive group work, participation, and digital learning (NBPTS 2,3,4 & InTASC 3,4,5,7,8)
4. To learn about information literacy, media literacy, and ICT (information, communication, technology) literacy (NBPTS 2,3 & InTASC 8)
5. To develop lessons that engage learners and promote higher level thinking skills (NBPTS 1,3 & InTASC 7,8)


System Requirements
  •  Computer with word processing software
  •  Internet access connection


This course is intended for K–16 teachers who are interested in adjusting instruction to meet the 21st century learning needs of an increasingly diverse student population within the classroom. Participant must hold a baccalaureate degree.

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21st-Century Learners: Reaching and Teaching the iGeneration
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Section Notes

This course is offered in collaboration with The Connecting Link.

Course is self-Paced. Completion time: up to 12 weeks from initial log in to course. Participants are required to log in within 60 days of enrollment.

Refund Policy: Withdrawals submitted online through SPU within 7 days of enrollment will receive a 95% refund. Withdrawals received after that point will not receive a refund and no withdrawals will be accepted after the completion deadline for the course. Instructions on how to withdraw are located on our website under Students/Withdrawal and Refund Policies.

Michael McGowan is the course facilitator
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