Course Description

This course is designed to help K-12 teachers navigate the ever-growing complexities of the education profession while simultaneously helping them to balance their lives and careers. Teachers will learn the tenets of Positive Psychology (Seligman) and related theories and strategies. These, in turn, will provide the foundation for increasing personal and professional resilience, maintaining flexibility, and tending to physical and mental health as a basis to improve classroom experiences for all.

Learner Outcomes

By the conclusion of the course, each participant should be able to do the following:


  1. Analyze current personal state of well-being, and through awareness and training develop a plan for improvement.
  2. Develop a personal mission statement and foundation for teaching.
  3. Examine current major trends in education and evaluate how they integrate into the field and classroom.
  4. Explore skills for ongoing development of resiliency as a means for enhanced growth within the field and improved classroom environment and instruction.
  5. Maximize personal reflection and communities of practice in support of personal and professional growth.


System Requirements
  • Computer with word processing software
  • Internet access connection
  • Online video viewing capabilities/Adobe flash player
  • Software capable of reading PDF files


Educators enrolled in the course are required to hold a baccalaureate degree.

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Section Title
Maintaining Resilience in Teaching: Navigating Common Core and More
Delivery Options
Course Fee(s)
Tuition credit (5 units) $500.00
Available for Credit
5 Quarter Credits
Section Notes

This course is offered in collaboration with The Connecting Link.

Course is self-Paced. Completion time: up to 12 weeks from initial log in to course. Participants are required to log in within 60 days of enrollment.

Refund Policy: Withdrawal requests submitted online through SPU within 7 days of enrollment will receive a 95% refund. Withdrawals received after that point will not receive a refund and no withdrawals will be accepted after the completion deadline for the course. Instructions on how to withdraw are located at: https://ce.spu.edu under Students/Withdrawal and Refund Policies.

Amber Bechard is the course facilitator
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