Course Description

This course is designed to provide teachers the opportunity to understand and use web and mobile technologies to positively impact teaching and learning. As educational programs embrace emerging technologies, students can master academic content, apply 21st century skills, and learn how to find success in an increasingly digital world. Key tools such as cell phones, audio players, netbooks and tablets, social media, collaborations and Web 2.0 tools will be critiqued, analyzed, and evaluated for classroom uses. Additionally, the WebQuest learning model will be explored and will include advanced search strategies, website evaluation criteria, and security. Information about the emerging technologies and tools will be discussed along with strategies and practical suggestions for classroom uses. Teachers will use these technologies to design and develop relevant learning experiences to reinforce skills across curricula. This course will also include examination of the ethics, safety, and security involved with the use of these technologies.

Learner Outcomes

By the conclusion of the course, each participant should be able to do the following:

  1. Recognize and appraise the impact of Web and mobile technologies and strategies for their use in the classroom
  2. Examine and describe mobile technologies, tools, and strategies for use
  3. Examine and describe the WebQuest learning model and strategies for use
  4. Develop relevant learning experiences and assessments that incorporate emerging technologies
  5. Create, demonstrate, and judge the use of a WebQuest and emerging technologies within a content area or unit of study


System Requirements:

Computer with

  • word processing software,
  • reliable, unfiltered Internet access connection,
  • modern Web browser,
  • computer memory 512MG RAM or higher,
  • and sound and video card.


This course is recommended for K-12 school personnel who require a greater understanding of web and mobile technologies and 21st century skills and their impact on teaching and learning across curriculums. Participants must hold a baccalaureate degree.

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TechQuests: Teaching and Learning with Web and Mobile Technologies
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Tuition credit (5 units) $500.00
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5 Quarter Credits
Section Notes

This course is offered in collaboration with The Connecting Link.

Course is self-Paced. Completion time: up to 12 weeks from initial log in to course. Participants are required to log in within 60 days of enrollment.

Refund Policy: Withdrawals submitted online through SPU within 7 days of enrollment will receive a 95% refund. Withdrawals received after that point will not receive a refund and no withdrawals will be accepted after the completion deadline for the course. Instructions on how to withdraw are located on our website under Students/Withdrawal and Refund Policies.

Michael McGowan is the course facilitator
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