Course Description

Sculpture is the art of bringing out one’s emotions out and into form. This course will offer the foundation and skills necessary to allow one’s imagination to take flight. Once the right outlet is established, students will be able to create a three-dimensional piece that expresses emotion and moves the spirit.


This course can be taken either for credit or clock hours. Credit is available under ART 5420

Please note: All magic sculpt must be ordered 2 weeks before course starts.

  •  An image (photo, drawing) of your desired sculpture
  •  Magic sculp brown resin 1lb Kit or 5lb if you want extra. Order online with Amazon. www.amazon.com
  •  Sculpt Nouveau color wax for end patina - 2oz black and 2oz clear. Call Sculpt Nouveau at (800)728-5767.
  •  3, 2oz acrylic paint complementary colors
  •  2 metal dowels ¾”
  •  Black Tie wire.
  •  Steel wool - ott 000
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