Course Description

An intensive course in drawing directly from life for complete beginners and more experienced artists alike. With your own eyes: no photos, no crutches, learn to draw by looking and sketching with the real world. Participants will learn the basics of looking and seeing with tips and tricks for people who have never drawn or those who would like to get right with the fundamentals of direct observational drawing again. A friendly and inspiring approach to drawing that teaches:
  • Retraining your eyes and using drawing to see like an artist
  • Proportion - Using Simple Geometry in Art
  • Doodling, Imagining, Daily casual sketching
  • Measuring and Intuition
It's all about regular, easy going sketching to explore the amazing richness of the world. A simple cloth, an old tree, a wine bottle - they can all be fascinating as you learn to pay careful attention to how they really look, and show you wonders that you may never have fully realized was there. This one is just right for beginners- a quick, general audience class on observation, sketching, basic proportion, and measurement as well as guidance on basic art practice. We will develop and deepen core drawing skills with still life objects as our subject, participate in group reviews, and create original sketches based on direct observation. While the core of instruction will cover a classical understanding of proportion, accurate value, and the many elements which we can control to create a traditional illusion of reality in a drawing, we will also investigate how this “visual grammar” allows us to be deeply expressive, to investigate what is unknown, and to begin to develop our own artistic voice.


This course can be taken for either credit or clock hours. Clock hours are available under CEU 3938.


  • Yellow Art Gum Eraser or Pink Pearl eraser types. Pencils in a range of hardness, 2B to 6B.
  • Small Vine (willow) Charcoal sticks, medium hardness.
  • One Very Interesting Autumn Leaf
  • Optional: A wooden or plastic poseable artist’s figure model. Small and inexpensive is fine.
  • 18 by 24 Pad of Newsprint
  • Inexpensive Black Ball Point (not gel or liquid ink) Pen
  • 2 sheets 18” by 24” white Drawing Paper (ask retailer about paper for charcoal drawing).
  • Masking or Blue Masking Tape
  • Large Drawing Board with clips (At least 18” by 24”)
  • Small Sketch Book of your choice, for studies.
  • Small sumi brush (about pinky sized) and ink.
  • See-through plastic ruler
  • Pencil sharpener or pocket knife (tip: make it a good one!)
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