Course Description

This course is a continuation of integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Science, with visual Art, as introduced in ART 5416 "Art How2s: Adding the "A" to STEM"; however, ART 5416 is not a prerequisite for this course. Using the design format, we will take a deeper look at engaging students using visual art and fostering creativity in the context of STEM content areas and feature the newly adopted WA State National Core Arts Standards. Participants will learn ways to teach idea generation, design, problem-solving, and critical thinking for meaningful collaboration and reflection, in the classroom. Activities will be grade level adaptable and budget.

Course Outline

Each session will follow a modified Design Process, to show how each component of the process progresses in the K-8 classroom. The process steps - Inspiration-Design-Creating-Presenting/ Responding, will be followed in alignment with visual art concepts and STEM content areas:
(1) defined with student examples, (2) what it ‘looks like’ in practice, and (3) resources for practical application in the K-8 classroom.

  • Session One: Art & Science
  • Session Two: Art & Technology
  • Session Three: Art & Engineering
  • Session Four: Art & Math


This course can either be taken for credit or clock hours. Credit is available under ART 5896.

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