Course Description

In this class you will learn strategies to differentiate your math instruction to meet all the various needs of your students. You will learn to make the content standard strands (Number and Operations, Geometry, Measurement, Algebra and Data Analysis and Probability) accessible to all types of learners. For each content strand you will become familiar with open questions and parallel tasks which vary in difficulty. These effective and proven strategies can be used together with any district math program to create a math-rich classroom environment. 

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Understand the why and how of differentiating math.
  • Understand the principles and approaches to differentiating math.
  • Understand how open questions and parallel tasks can be used to differentiate math
  • Be able to apply differentiation strategies to the math classroom.


“I am really glad that I took this course on Differentiated Math. I was struggling with teaching math this year and needed a new way to look at differentiating for my students who have a variety of math strengths and areas in which they can grow.” —TINT Student

“This course has opened my eyes to ways that can make math accessible for a majority of my students. I’ve always struggled with reaching my emerging mathematicians while also challenging my accelerated mathematicians, and the parallel tasks have provided a direct solution to that problem.” —TINT Student

“As a math teacher, I am constantly trying to consider how to make learning accessible to a wide array of learners. Even though this course fits right into my style of instruction, I learned so much about how to further differentiation in my own practice and giving students many ways of approaching the same skills.” —TINT Student

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