Course Description

This course empowers teachers to incorporate a peer coaching model into their regular instructional practice. Throughout this course, participants will learn how peer coaching can improve student learning by offering teachers a methodical way to collaborate and make instructional decisions based on outside observation, data, and reflection. This course supports teachers in building relationships with their colleagues in order to have effective communication and productive conferencing, as both a coach and coaching partner. First, teachers will learn the definition, purpose and role of a peer coach. Learners will also acquire several methods for observing classrooms and collecting data to plan better lessons and assessments, as well as addressing other classroom issues such as student behavior and individual teacher practices. Participants will learn how to effectively utilize planning tools, such as the Peer Coaching Action Plan, the Collaborative Lesson Planning Form, and the Coaching Conference form throughout the course. Peer coaching involves collaboration among all colleagues. Learners will develop two-way communication and planning techniques that allow teachers to help each other, as opposed to one teacher taking responsibility for another teacher’s professional growth. This format of coaching provides all teachers the opportunity to learn and grow.

Course Outline

Module 1: The Peer Coach's Role

Module 2: The Coaching Process

Module 3: Communication

Module 4: Data Collection

Module 5: Planning and Assessment

Module 6: Reflective Conferencing



Learner Outcomes

In this course, learners will:

  • Analyze collected data and create a plan to improve teacher practice.
  • Create a peer coaching plan for a fictional scenario.
  • Offer feedback on a lesson plan for a fictional colleague using appropriate communication and best practices.
  • Create a peer coaching action plan for a fictional colleague.
  • Offer feedback on a lesson plan for a fictional colleague using appropriate communication and best practices.

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Implementing Peer Coaching to Improve Teaching & Learning
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4 Quarter Credits
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This course is offered in collaboration with CE Credits Online

Course is self-paced. Completion time: Up to 180 days from date of enrollment.

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