Course Description

This course provides a multi-sensory, scaffolded approach for teaching executive function skills necessary to individuals and families, 5th grade to adult. This course guides professionals in the fields of education, psychology, speech pathology, and coaching through the Seeing My Time curriculum. The course provides support and accountability as participants lead their own practice client through Seeing My Time workbook.


Course Outline

Week 1: Introduction of course and review of syllabus

Week 2: Executive Functions, the Brain and Emotions

Week 3: Motivation and Visual Time Tools

Week 4: Connecting the Brain to Behavior; Self-Advocacy Skills; More Visual Time Tools and the Spatial Aspect of Time

Week 5: Diversity of Minds; Weekly Planning; Introduction to Project Planning

Week 6: Mindset and Motivation; Matching Teachers' Expectations; Breaking Projects into Steps and Placing Steps into the Space of Time

Week 7: Summarizing Project Planning; Organization and Paper Management

Week 8: Proactive Document Backups; Preparing the Brain to Learn Effectively; Limiting Distractions, Developing Future Thinking

Week 9: Changing Behavior to Develop Habits; Resiliency; Supporting the Planning Habit


Learner Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Identify and analyze the eleven executive functions in the Peg Dawson and Richard Guare model
  • Explain the conflict between the abstract nature of time and a brain that has executive functioning challenges
  • Identify and discuss the behaviors necessary to support success in school and adult life.
  •  Justify using a multi-sensory, scaffolded approach for teaching executive functioning skills versus teaching specific executive functioning strategies.


Participants are responsible for finding an appropriate practice client and scheduling their practicum sessions.
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