Course Description

Art enriches the classroom experience for teachers and students alike, and enhances learning for all students. In this fun hands-on class you'll acquire the tools, tricks and techniques to gain confidence in teaching art. This course presents easy to teach, classroom-proven art projects which can be adapted to different grade levels and
different areas of curriculum. Learn how to incorporate the five elements of art: texture, line, shape, color, & space. Come prepared to have fun and come away with a mini-portfolio to be proud of. Grades K-8.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will:
  • Be able to articulate the importance of teaching art to students
  • Learn 5 elements of art, what they mean and examples of them
  • Know how to introduce students to art supplies and manage the use of them
  • Have a mini-portfolio of art projects they will know how to teach, have criteria to evaluate, and examples of to show students.
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