Course Description

Many new Music technology possibilities become available every year. How students access and use technology in their own lives can impact what tools we use to teach, how we use those tools, and our expectations for students. These changes can impact pedagogy. This course is designed for teachers to work on developing their curriculum for their and their students’ needs using the tools available to them in their districts or new tools that will be explored in the course. Topics discussed will include available, structuring your course for student learning outcomes, developing units of study and lesson plans, best practices for teaching with technology, and techniques on teaching contemporary music genres. Free and paid resources for managing and disseminating course materials will be explored. Resources will include those from the instructor, industry professionals, and other experienced music technology teachers. As this is not technology specific, a variety of software, hardware, and resources will be explored. This is an opportunity for teachers to utilize a vast knowledge of the experienced music technology teachers and take the time to build the lessons, units, and/or course that works for you, your students, and your school’s resources. Use this course to hone your curriculum.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will

  • Understand the differences in functionality, storage, and web access between a computer, iPad, and a Chromebook
  • Know the basic functions and distinctions basic music technologies available for the music classroom including digital audio workstations (DAW), notation software, and audio recording and processing software
  • Know the differences between audio and MIDI
  • Understand best practices for teaching with technology for different age groups
  • Understand music components of basic genres Hip Hop and EDM and how to use technology to create
  • Understand how to create a scope and sequence for a course they will implement in their school
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