Course Description

This book study will dive into the book, Onward, to better understand how to cultivate and grow resilience in teachers in order to best serve our students.

Course Outline

Week 1: Introduction and Chapter 1: Know Yourself

Week 2: Chapter 2: Understand Emotions

Week 3: Chapter 3: Tell Empowering Stories

Week 4: Chapter 4: Build Community

Week 5: Chapter 5: Be Here Now

Week 6: Chapter 7: Focus on the Bright Spots

Week 7: Chapter 8: Cultivate Compassion

Week 8: Chapter 11: Ride the Waves of Change

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will better understand how to engage with their own emotions and the actions taken every day with more intentionality to improve both their well-being and the lives of their students.
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