Registration Policies and Procedures

Credits and CEUs (Clock Hours)

SPU continuing education courses are 5000-level, graduate-level courses available for credit. However, the credits do not apply toward a degree unless cleared and approved by an academic advisor. The purpose of these credits is for your continuing education and professional development.

SPU offers noncredit continuing education units (CEUs) for a variety of courses and events in Washington. Noncredit units may be offered as an option with most credit offerings, but you may not receive credits and CEUs for the same course or event.

SPU CEUs are approved by the State of Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) as Washington state clock hours and meet state, educational certification, and salary-advancement requirements.

Payment in full is required at the time of registration.  5000-level courses do not qualify for financial aid. 

Registration procedures vary for continuing education courses offered through SPU's Center for Professional Education, depending on the type of course you select. 

Student Status and Credit Load

Continuing Education students may take no more than 60 credits in an academic year (July 1 - June 30) and any credits taken in excess of this limit will be disallowed. 

While formal admission is not required for you to begin taking classes at SPU, if you are interested in pursuing a specific degree or an endorsement, we encourage you to apply for admission as soon as possible.

Loan Deferment

5000 Level courses and/or Continuing Education Units are not eligible for loan deferment because they are in a year-long term and part-time or full-time status cannot be calculated.

Registering for Distance Learning Courses 

Distance learning courses are offered on a year-long term, and you may register for them at any time throughout the year.  When you locate a course of interest, you will find information in the course description online regarding how to register for that particular course.  Be certain you are viewing the correct offering of that course, as we often have multiple offerings of the same course throughout the academic term.  Be sure to carefully review how to register for your course and what the refund would be (if any) should you choose to withdraw.   

Some courses may be offered in partnership with outside educational organizations, although all courses offered through CPE are fully accredited by the university.  In such cases, students may be required to sign up and pay in two separate places in order to receive necessary course materials and register for graduate-level credit. 

Not in the SPU system? 

If you are a new student, you will be directed to set up your student account as part of the registration process.  

Need Help? 

Call 800-482-3848 to receive assistance in registering online. 

Unless otherwise indicated, you must complete your distance learning course within one year. If you do not complete a yearlong distance learning course within one year of registration, you will receive a permanent "NC" on your transcript, which means "No Credit." The "NC" does not affect your GPA. 

Registering for Site-Based Courses 

Nearly all site-based courses require calling a contact person to pre-register for the course.  Instructions and contact information will be included in the specific course description online.  Be certain you are viewing the correct offering of that course, as we often have multiple offerings of the same course throughout the academic term.  Registration will occur on site at the first class session, and payment is due at that time. 

Registration Reminders 

If the course description instructs you to preregister or register with an outside agency, follow the instructions as stated. 

Important Information for Distance Learning Students 


Distance learning courses appear on your transcript with the date the grade is posted.  Please allow six weeks after you have submitted your finished course for the course to be graded and posted. Please keep this grading-time allowance in mind if you need transcripts for salary increases or certification renewals. 

Evaluation Forms 

After your course has concluded, you will receive an Evaluation Form by email within 30 days of grade posting. Please take the time to complete the online survey for each course you take. Your feedback is both valuable and appreciated. 


To request an official SPU transcript, visit Ordering Transcripts. Seattle Pacific University reserves the right to deny official transcript services due to indebtedness to the institution. If a student has an account, official transcripts ($5 each) are released only if his or her account is paid in full.