Frequently Asked Questions

When I register for professional development courses, am I registering for semester or quarter credits?  
You are registering for quarter credits. 

How are quarter credits equivalent to semester credits? 
5 quarter credits are equivalent to 3.33 semester credits. 
3 quarter credits are equivalent to 2 semester credits. 
1 quarter credit is equivalent to .67 semester credits. 

Are professional development courses graduate-level courses?  
Yes. Professional development courses are 5000, graduate-level courses. However, they do not apply toward a degree unless it has been cleared and approved by your specific program advisor. The purpose of these credits is for your continuing education and professional development. 

If I take a class through an SPU partner, will I still receive SPU graduate-level credit?  
Yes, all 5000-level courses will appear on your official SPU transcript. Make sure to follow all directions when registering with a partner because you may also need to register with SPU to receive that credit. 

Do professional development courses qualify for loan deferment?

5000 Level courses and/or Continuing Education Units are not eligible for loan deferment because they are in a year-long term and part-time or full-time status cannot be calculated.

Is there financial aid available?  
Professional development courses are not eligible for financial aid, and they do not qualify for loan deferment. The full cost of the course is required at the time of enrollment. 

Are there any additional costs for a course besides tuition? 
Additional materials vary from course to course. The course materials you receive will include directions if you need to purchase anything additional, such as a textbook. 

I need a receipt for my course. How do I get one?  
If you register online, a receipt will automatically be emailed to you. If you register in-person, at that time you may request a receipt be sent to you. If you registered by mail or email and didn't request a receipt, email Student Financial Services ( to request a receipt copy be sent to you. 

How can I get my transcript? 
Visit the SPU Student Academic Services website to learn how to access an unofficial transcript or request an official transcript. There is a $5 fee for each official transcript, payable at the time it is ordered. 

What should I expect from my Distance Learning Course? 
The majority of Distance Learning courses are designed to be self-paced. Some courses take place on Canvas, SPU's Learning Management System, and have specific begin and end dates. 

Instructor feedback and communication varies from course to course. If your instructor has provided contact information, please utilize that for your course questions and clarifications throughout the duration of your course. If you are taking a course through one of our outside educational partners, they can offer technical and procedural support. 

How long will it take me to complete a Distance Learning course? 
You can expect it to take about 20 hours per credit. The courses are designed for you to work at your own pace, but check the course details for due dates and completion time. 

What does "up to one year" mean in a course description? 
For courses that list completion time of "up to one year," you will have 364 days from your course start date to complete the course. 

Do I get regular feedback on my assignments? 
This varies from course to course as not all Distance Learning courses are facilitated. You may not turn in coursework until you have completed all required assignments for a course. Make sure to read the course study guide first to understand if the course is facilitated, if you can expect communication during the course, and if the coursework is submitted in segments (with feedback) or if coursework is submitted entirely at the end of the course in which you will only receive feedback upon request. 

When will my grades be sent to me? 
The fastest and most efficient way to receive your grades is to order a transcript (a free unofficial copy or $5 for an official copy), or view your completed grades in your Online Student Account. 

How fast can I expect my grades to be posted? 
Please allow up to six (6) weeks from the time you submit your final coursework for the final grade to be posted to your transcript. Please plan your time accordingly!