Interested in offering courses for graduate-level credit through The Center for Professional Education?

 If you are considering working with CPE, review the information below to help you get started: 

Who can teach courses through CPE? Experienced K-12 educators who hold at least a master’s degree.

What kind of courses are offered through CPE? We offer two main types of courses: Site-Based courses and Distance Learning courses. 

  • Site-based courses are face-to-face workshops or intensive courses taking place at a specific location over the course of predetermined dates/times: for example, courses could take place over a weekend, or meet on a specific day of the week for consecutive weeks. If taking place in Washington state, clock hours may also be available through SPU. Please keep in mind that we require all paperwork be turned in at least 3 weeks in advance of the course start date. We cannot guarantee your course will be set up if it is sent less than 3 weeks in advance, and we cannot set up courses once they have started.

To offer a site-based course, email for further information with the subject line “Information Request: Site-based Course Set-up.” Before proposing a site-based course, all instructors should familiarize themselves with our scheduling requirements.

  • Distance Learning courses are online or use materials that students access individually.
    • Self-paced courses can give the student up to one year to complete. These courses allow enrollment at any time and are only available for graduate-level credit. Please keep in mind that Distance Learning course set-up can take up to six weeks from the time of proposal until the course is available for registrations.
    • Structured, synchronous online courses with specific start and end dates. Students will all have the same completion deadline.

To offer a Distance Learning course, email for further information with the subject line “Information Request: DL Course Set-up.

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