Elementary Education Endorsement

Elementary Education Candidates will demonstrate a wide and diverse knowledge base which will enable them to impact student learning in K-8 classrooms across Washington state. To request an application, email endorse@spu.edu

Program Overview: 

  • Arts course: Design, Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theater Arts, etc. (minimum one course)
  • Health/Fitness course (minimum one course)
  • English/Language Arts courses:
    • American Literature (minimum one course, preferably more)
    • Writing/Composition (minimum one course)
    • Reading/Literacy (minimum one course)
    • World Literature Non-Western (preferred but not mandatory)
  • Mathematics courses:
    • College-level Algebra (minimum one course)
    • College-level Geometry (minimum one course)
    • One additional course (preferably Probability and Statistics)
  • Science courses:
    • One lab science (minimum one course, often Biology)
    • One or more additional course: Environmental Science, Astronomy, Oceanography, Chemistry, Geology, etc.
  • Social Studies courses:
    • American History (minimum one course, preferably early American History pre-1867)
    • One or more additional course: History of the Pacific Northwest, Geography, World History, or United States Government
  • Testing: NES #102 & 103
  • Practicum: EDCN 5730 Field Experience (5): 

Upon approval from SPU’s Certification Office, candidates may obtain the above coursework from any 2-4 year regionally accredited institution. Candidates may also submit a course substitution form to determine whether previously taken classes meet program requirements.

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