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Physical Education
Course Location Delivery Options Availability
EDPE 5082 Coaching Track and Field EDPE 5082 Arranged Available
EDPE 5086 Coaching: Enhancing Motivation EDPE 5086 Online Available
EDCN 5290 Coaching: Getting Organized for Success EDCN 5290 Various Media Available
EDPE 5003 Core Body Training EDPE 5003 Various Media Available
EDPE 5071 Developing Fitness Programs EDPE 5071 Various Media Available
EDPE 5075 Endurance and Speed Training for Physical Education and Athletics EDPE 5075 Various Media Available
EDPE 5080 Flexibility Training EDPE 5080 Various Media Available
PES 5051 Foundations and Methods of Teaching Health Fitness PES 5051 Online Available
EDCN 5384 Fundraising: Developing Your Own Clinic or Camp EDCN 5384 Various Media Available
EDPE 5069 Improving Football Coaching: Defensive Coordinator Strategies EDPE 5069 Various Media Available
EDPE 5066 Improving Football Coaching: Offensive Coordinator Strategies EDPE 5066 Various Media Available
EDPE 5068 Improving Football Coaching: Special Teams Coordinator Strategies EDPE 5068 Various Media Available
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