Course Description

This workshop is designed for K-12 educators who have previously attended the Level 1 Socratic Seminar Introductory workshop or experienced Socratic Seminar leaders, and/or those new to Scoratic Seminars who want to learn the fundamentals of Socratic Seminar leadership and more. Participants will engage in and reflect upon a variety of Socratic Seminars using new readings; prepare for and lead a Socratic Seminar with colleagues; learn the knowledge and skill of selecting engaging non-fiction complex texts; create opening questions that spark student conversation and thoughtfulness; practice Socratic Questioning Strategies that engage all students; experience the importance of balancing leadership and participation in a Socratic Seminar; practice individual and collective reflection; recognize the power of Socratic Seminars to address high academic standards; understand the effective use of formative and summative assessment of socratic seminars; use success criteria to assess Socratic Seminars using Formative Assessment; and come away with the skill to use content of Socratic Seminars to formulate Writing prompts for academic writing.


This course can either be taken for credit or clock hours. Credit is available under EDCT 5539.
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