Course Description

EDCN 5730 is the final requirement for SPU endorsement programs. This course provides the opportunity for an independent field experience in the new endorsement subject area. Each candidate will develop one unit plan in the new endorsement subject area and teach 5-10 lessons in the appropriate classroom setting. At least two lessons will be observed by an assigned SPU Supervisor. One lesson will be observed by a Mentor Teacher (chosen by candidate). Participants will develop final portfolio documenting positive impact on student learning, as well as knowledge and teaching skills gained in the new endorsement area. 


To enroll in EDCN 5730, you must be admitted to an add-on endorsement program AND have submitted the application linked below on or before the deadlines listed here:

Spring 2023 application (due 1/31/2022)

Please contact the Endorsement Office if you have any questions.


Participants must have passed the WEST-E NES Exam and completed all other required program coursework.

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