Course Description

This course covers Special Education Endorsement competencies while helping students address the four commitments of the School of Education's Conceptual Framework: competence, character, service and leadership. The overall focus of this course is to understand the differences between and functions of formative and summative assessment. As we develop understanding about the menu of tools available for our use (assessment literacy), we will learn to discern between the options available to us as we consider the purpose of the assessment and the results provided. We will also examine high stakes assessments and standards used with all students, the evidenced-based practice of progress monitoring, and the precision required to measure a specific skill in an IEP goal or objective.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  1. Identify required consistencies between eligibility assessments (or reassessments), IEPs, services, and data collection.
  2. Apply federal and state requirements when analyzing and creating an IEP.
  3. Discriminate between measurable/“non-measurable” goals and objectives and will align measurable objectives with data collection methods to use when monitoring progress.
  4. Create a detailed IEP meeting agenda and demonstrate the initial steps in facilitating an IEP meeting.
  5. Examine the responsibilities shared by IEP team members in the successful delivery of services and develop tools to assist with program fidelity.
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Individualized Education Plans
Jun 24, 2024 to Aug 16, 2024
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SPU Tuition credit (3 units) $600.00
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3 Quarter Credits
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The registration deadline is June 24, 2024 by the end of the day

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