Course Description

Need an effective way to communicate with students and parents? Share student work?  Display teaching ideas?  Whether you have already created a classroom website or blog or need to start one from scratch this class is for you. Topics include the benefits of sharing online, how to do so safely, time to explore what other teachers have done and resources to help you take your old or new site to the next level. Grades K-12.     

Learner Outcomes

Participants will understand the difference between a teacher blog/website and what the pros and cons of sharing ideas this way are.  They will know what other teachers have done that has been successful and whose lead they can follow.  Students will find out what rules/restrictions their district has about sharing ideas online and how to maintain an appropriate level of student privacy and safety.  They will create a blog/website and add many different elements to it. 


The structure of this class worked well for me. The assignments were clearly listed and easy to access. I enjoyed the scaffolding of information – from what is a blog to security/safety to creating a blog. The videos and websites were very useful and engaging. This didn’t feel like a class of drudgery, but rather one that I looked forward to working on. I think this is because I had all my questions answered and created something in the process. I’m very pleased with my final project and I’m looking forward to updating it each week. I have had a blog for several years, but it was not easy to use or access. Overall, I think the site looks cleaner, clearer and a little more modern than my last one. That, along with the ease of use, will be encouraging as I update my website each week. Thanks for a great class!

---Summer 2017 Student

My goals have been met in regards to taking this class. I will now be able to share things with students and parents online in a very efficient manner. Also, I now have the skill set to quickly and easily post daily assignments to my web page as a blog post. Another goal that I had was to be able to make things easier for students and for myself as we interact; essentially students will be able to easily look up their past daily assignments online with ease. I am excited to try and maintain a website throughout this next school year as a means of my next step in the process. I also am looking forward to seeing how students will react regarding the additional information that will be at their fingertips online regarding my math classes. I hope the digital postings will eliminate some menial tasks involved in keeping information in a non-digital fashion.

---Summer 2017 Student

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This course is offered in collaboration with The Innovative Northwest Teacher (TINT)

Course is self-paced. Completion time: up to one year from date of enrollment.

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