Course Description

This course is a fantastic option for educators who are interested in how social-emotional learning and confidence intersect with academic learning. Classes will examine strategies to increase student voice and create thriving learning communities marked by shared understanding, ownership and respect. Educators will take a deep dive into student voice, exploring questions that surround this centerpiece of our students’ experience: How does a strong sense of voice deepen a student’s learning experience? How do we design a school and classroom culture that cultivates and responds to student voice? How can students develop stewardship of their own learning experiences and communities? How can teachers facilitate growth in areas of agency and advocacy? Participants will help shape our exploration of student voice, and will come away with understandings and strategies for deepening student engagement that are applicable to our own educational communities. This is a unique opportunity to connect, collaborate and network with local professionals in an interactive, collegial environment.


This course is offered for credit or clock hours. Credit available under EDCT 5638.

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