Course Description

This course addresses the issues involved in teaching English to children ages 5-11 in both the U.S. and overseas settings. Child development and language acquisition will be examined in the context of the elementary-aged child. Participants will practice using music/song, storytelling, movement, and drama for language development.

Course Outline

Participants will complete 9 modules during the course. Typically, each of these modules include reading and view assignments, followed by several writing and application assignments. These assignments vary and include reading reflections, essays, discussion forums, observations and so on. The final project is a lesson plan, based on a language objective. The general outline of the course is as follows:

Module 1: Constructivist Theories

Module 2: L1 and L2 Acquisition

Module 3: ELL Program Models

Module 4: Teaching Listening and Speaking to Young Learners

Module 5: Teaching Vocabulary and Grammar to Young Learners

Module 6: Teaching Reading and Writing to Young Learners

Module 7: Strategies and Assessment for Young Learners

Module 8: Materials and Evaluation Design

Module 9: Research in the Primary ELL Classroom: Putting it All Together

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the course students will be able to prepare unit plans for various student types and various language objectives which reflect the application of language acquisition theory.



This course is required for the WA State ELL Endorsement (Area One: Language and Literacy Development).


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