Course Description

Throughout this course, participants will observe, reflect upon, and analyze their own beliefs about language, learning, lesson planning, cultural diversity, and lesson implementation. Strategies for lesson differentiation and enhancing classroom management are included. Topics covered include:

  • Approaches in classroom investigation exploring teachers’ beliefs and management style
  • Managing behaviors and promoting positive behaviors
  • The role of teacher
  • Structures of a ELL lesson plan (UDL)
  • Interactions and environments in the classroom(rules, routines, expectations, first day of school)
  • Nature of language learning activities (engaging and including all students)
  • Language use in the classroom
  • Classroom management techniques

This course helps prepare ELL Endorsement candidates for the SPU Field Experience course (EDCN 5730) and must be completed prior to it.

Please note before registeringELT 5545 requires four one-hour classroom visits throughout the duration of the course. Candidates are responsible for securing an appropriate classroom to visit.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will learn how to apply multiple strategies to evaluate aspects of their teaching and classroom management skills. They will determine areas of potential growth, and will set clear, individualized growth objectives. Teachers will also learn different techniques, managing styles and structures while developing their teaching and management philosophy.

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