Course Description

In teacher preparation education, there is very little focus on the personal character and social emotional skills the teacher brings to and practices the learning process. This course exposes and examines these untapped areas of teacher quality. The Heart of Teaching includes an awareness and examination of the educator’s personal preparedness for the classroom, as compared to universal norms for quality teaching.

Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the learner will be able to:
1. Identify the major themes of people that are seminal components of quality teaching. (NBPTS 1,4)
2. Develop an “eye” for identifying quality teaching by descriptions of themes of teachers. (NBPTS 2,3)
3. Understand the connection between personal character and teacher quality and how this translates into the idea that we teach “who” we are. (NBPTS 4)
4. Experience the interaction of community in learning about quality teaching and quality schools. (NBPTS 5)
5. Learn love as a teaching tool and demonstrate its utility in the learning process.


System Requirements
  • Computer with word processing software
  • Internet access connection
  • Online video viewing capabilities/Adobe flash player
  • Software capable of reading PDF files
  • Software capable of viewing PowerPoint presentations


Participants enrolled in this course are required to hold a baccalaureate degree. This course is recommended for K-12 educators and administrators.
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