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The beliefs we hold about intelligence directly influence our ability to learn, think critically and our level of achievement. In this class you will learn the difference between a growth mindset (belief that anyone’s intelligence can develop through hard work and perseverance) and a fixed mindset (belief that intelligence is assigned and can’t be increased). Also, you will find ways to foster a growth mindset in yourself, your students and their parents. These changes will positively impact the learning of every student regardless of subject, age or past performance. Grades K-12.


“I am very excited to implement all of the growth mindset ideas in my own classroom from day one! Going forward I feel inspired to be a leader in helping my future teaching colleagues, if they’re not already on board, to cultivate a growth mindset culture in the whole school building. Thanks to this class I feel more excited about teaching than I have in a while. It has reignited my beliefs about how all students can succeed when they believe in themselves and when I help to cultivate the right circumstances for them to grow.” —TINT Student

“I have really enjoyed this class for many reasons. It was a great opportunity to reflect on my teaching, my students, and I’ve gained so much knowledge about fixed and growth mindsets. I enjoyed both books that went with this class, and I found them an easy read which kept my interest. I think they will also be great books to reference throughout the year. I feel like all of my goals were met. I learned what a growth/fixed mindsets were, how the brain works, about my own mindset, ways I can implement and teach a growth mindset in class, and the positive effects it has on students. This class has better prepared me to improve student achievement through a growth mindset because it allows me to teach students that they can all be successful, be challenged, held to high standards, learn from mistakes, and show perseverance with a growth mindset. I am most excited to implement and put into action all that I’ve learned. Thank you for offering a great class, meaningful assignments, and timely feedback, it is appreciated.” —TINT Student

“I can’t wait to get back to school and share my learning with my colleagues. I’m so excited to start my school year with some very powerful lessons and activities that will set up a great culture in our classroom! There isn’t one thing specifically I am most excited to try- it’s everything! Thank you for the wonderful resources and feedback throughout the class. I truly enjoyed it and think this is one of the best classes I have taken!” —TINT Student

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Growth Mindset Teaching: You Can Do It
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SPU Tuition credit (3 units) $690.00
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3 Quarter Credits
Reading List / Textbook

Mindsets in the classroom: Building a culture of success and student achievement in schools, Ricci, M, Waco, TX: Prufrock Press, 2013

Ready-to-use resources for mindsets in the classroom: Everything educators need for school success, Ricci, M, Waco, TX: Prufrock Press, 2015


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This course is offered in collaboration with The Innovative Northwest Teacher (TINT)

Course is self-paced. Completion time: up to one year from date of enrollment.

Refund Policy: Withdrawals submitted online through SPU within 7 days of enrollment will receive a 95% refund. Withdrawals received after that point will not receive a refund and no withdrawals will be accepted after the completion deadline for the course. Instructions on how to withdraw are located on our website under Students/Withdrawal and Refund Policies.


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