Course Description

This course is designed to help you to create a classroom environment where students' natural curiosity is encouraged through a culture of inquiry and authentic learning.  As you read and reflect on the text "Cultivating Curiosity in K-12 Classrooms: How to Promote and Sustain Deep Learning"  by Wendy L. Ostroff you will examine your own classroom practice and apply new ideas for supporting and encouraging curiosity in a student-centered environment. At the end of this course you will have practical strategies and ideas for encouraging student creativity and increasing motivation and engagement through inquiry, questioning, and autonomy.
Grade levels: K - 12

Learner Outcomes

This course will support teachers in:

  • How to Cultivate the Curiosity Classroom
  • Promoting Exploration and Experimentation
  • Allowing  Autonomous and Effortless Learning
  • Embracing Intrinsic Motivation
  • Bolstering Imagination and Creativity
  • Supporting Questioning
  • Making Time
  • Creating Curiosity Habitat
  • Prioritizing the Processes of Learning.
  • Creating an action plan for "Cultivating Curiosity"


I've been really excited about this class and appreciate the openness of the lessons. It really allowed me to make it fit my classroom and where I am with new curriculum. It gave me time to dive into the curriculum and not feel like it's extra work, but it's applicable to the coursework and what will help me prepare for this year. It also doesn't feel like I'm doing extra work without getting paid for it. It fits the need. Thank you for modeling this structure.

- Summer 2017 Student

I was a little hesitant when I began this class, wondering where inquiry based learning would fit into a full day. It is a struggle to get everything in as it stands now. As I continued my reading and tried a few lessons in my classroom I felt inspired. It became evident very quickly that standards fit easily into inquiry. My students were writing, using conventions, and reading like crazy. The excitement I felt from my students was enough of a validation. Inquiry based learned has energized my students. Next year I plan on continuing to find ways to embed inquiry into my classroom. I reminded me of how teaching use to be and should be. I think for several years we have been so focused on test scores and standards that we have left parts of inquiry out. This class reminded me that it can all work together.” Thank you for a great class!

- Spring 2017 Student

This course surpassed my expectations by being entirely inspirational and useful to my practice.

- Winter 2018 Student

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Curious Minds: Create a Culture of Inquiry and Authentic Learning
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Distance Learning  
Course Fee(s)
Tuition credit (3 units) $690.00
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3 Quarter Credits
Reading List / Textbook
Cultivating Curiosity, Wendy L. Ostroff, ASCD, 2016, ISBN: 1-4166-2197-3
Section Notes

This course is offered in collaboration with The Innovative Northwest Teacher (TINT)

Course is self-paced. Completion time: up to one year from date of enrollment.

Refund Policy: Withdrawals submitted online through SPU within 7 days of enrollment will receive a 95% refund. Withdrawals received after that point will not receive a refund and no withdrawals will be accepted after the completion deadline for the course. Instructions on how to withdraw are located on our website under Students/Withdrawal and Refund Policies.


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