Course Description

Whether you have one Chromebook or a class set, are a novice user or an expert- this class is for you. In this class you will be able to take your technology standards and create units, lessons and differentiate for students. You will be able to find apps and websites that can be used in your personal education setting as well as find ways to use the Chromebook that go beyond students word processing. Create a personal plan for your Chromebook(s) that can help your students meet technology standards as well as increase motivation in your building. This class will leave you with a plan for using Chromebooks in education that fits your needs. A Chromebook (of any kind) will be required. Grades K-12.

Learner Outcomes

Students will gain experience in:

1. Using a variety of tools for the Chromebook, including tools that encourage skills/knowledge regarding:

  • Fine Arts
  • Foreign languages
  • Health and Fitness education
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Reference Tools
  • Science
  • Social Studies

2. Gaining ideas for how these apps/websites can be used to encourage student learning, especially for Special Education and ELL students

3. Learning how other teachers manage Chromebooks in order to keep the tools and their students safe

4. Becoming familiar with websites and online tools that will support them and their students.

5. Learning from the practices of other teachers in other states countries through reading news articles and watching videos, and sharing ideas with classmates.


The class material was presented in a way that was not stressful so that people of varying degrees of Chromebook knowledge could work at their own pace. I appreciated that the material was presented in a mellow yet interesting way.  It felt like a great way to get a group of teachers excited about new technology additions to an upcoming school year without feeling overwhelmed. I left the class feeling much more confident and eager to implement new websites and apps for the 2017-2018 school year. 

---Summer 2017 Student

This class inspired me to use more technology in my math classes in the coming year.  I usually shy away from new technology and hold on to what I’m used to doing instead. Something I got out of the class that isn’t a specific website, app or extension is the comfort level I needed to be able to try new things and to enjoy the technology.  This will translate over into a positive experience for my students, as well!

---Summer 2017 Student

Thank you for a great class. I appreciate how you presented it to us and made it easy to work with you and each other, and being accessible for us to ask questions and work at our level and pace. I learned a lot.

---Summer 2017 Student

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