Course Description

This course is designed to examine the important role that teacher leadership plays in today’s schools. Professional development models are inspected through the lenses of leadership theory and how adults learn to develop understanding of effective professional collaboration. Participants will explore the SBA Digital Resource Library and SBA assessment data to inform instructional practice then write an action plan to support collaboration in their school to improve student learning. 

Course Outline

 Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Theories of Adult Learning

Week 3: Understanding Leadership Theory Evaluation and Development of Current School Context

Week 4: Evaluation of Professional Development Models

Week 5: Evaluation of Professional Development Models

Week 6: Digital Resource Library

Week 7: Work Week:Rough Draft

Week 8: Evaluate Current Professional Learning practices through the lens of social justice and equity.

Learner Outcomes

Teachers will develop knowledge and expertise in:

  1. Effective models of professional learning
  2. How educators learn best (theories of adult learning)
  3. Theories of Leadership
  4. Using of the SBA Digital Resource Library to inform shifts in practice
  5. Evaluating current instructional practices within your school and ideas for improvement.
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