Course Description

Discover the instructional implications of the latest brain research and theories and how they relate to best practices for teaching Inquiry-Based Science and Mathematics. Review the research of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory and apply the theory to your teaching. Learn to develop lessons that initiate each students’ primary intelligences and create effective patterns for learning in the science and math classroom through a rich assortment of real world activities in life science, physical science, health science and earth science. Combine theory and practice to create exciting and motivating life-learning experiences for today's young students and adult learners.

Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
  • Create science and mathematics activities for students using the ideas, skills and strategies in the activities presented in this course.
  • Create an activity-based instructional unit incorporating multiple intelligences and brain-based learning principles.
  • Design lesson plans that align with the standards.
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