Course Description

Teaching begins with the establishment of relationships with students.” Participants will analyze the systemic issues that perpetuate achievement disparities using the lens of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy. This training will examine leadership practices and instructional strategies that ensure the voices of ALL students are heard and reflected in the learning environment as an effort to eliminate the racial achievement disparities that exist in schools. Participants will engage in meaningful dialogue while being challenged to critically reflect on their own practice. Exemplars from the field will be used to demonstrate effective current practices that are making a difference for children who would be considered "At-risk” and participants will be asked to create a personal action plan and set it in motion.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will:

  1. Have explored the impact of Brown v. Board Of Education on our school system.
  2. Have explored the correlation between classroom diversity and high academic achievement.
  3. Be able to define the achievement gaps within our educational system and explore ways to remove those barriers.
  4. Be able to identify the importance of diversity and how it impacts a students ability to be successful in school.


"Thank you for not making a point to demean anyone. We all can open our eyes to other people's stories and recognize how we see others. It is the spirit of the person and the belief they can learn that I reach for. I also want my students to see 'me' — good days and errors to grow from." ~ Carolyn R. 

"Thank you for challenging our district in a way that is absolutely needed and thank you for your relevant, thoughtful & careful responses to the many excuses so many of us give."~ Sara I. 

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