Course Description

Washington State requires a passing score on the WEST E-070 exam for any candidate who is adding a special education endorsement to a new or existing Washington State teaching certificate. This course will provide candidates with opportunities to review foundations of special education practice through self-directed instruction. Completion of modules will assist in (but not guarantee) obtaining a passing score on the WEST E-070 exam in partial fulfillment of endorsement requirements in this area. Activities for further study are included and candidates are strongly encouraged to fully engage in all course activities and with all content.

Learner Outcomes

Standards addressed in this class:

The Washington Educator Skills Test (WEST E-070) is designed to assess Washington State's Special Education Endorsement Competencies in partial fulfillment of endorsement requirements. The following competencies are addressed in this course. Further detail on each of the competencies is available at www.pesb.wa.gov/preparation-programs/endorsement-competencies/special-education/

1.0 Knowledge of Foundations of Special Education

2.0 Knowledge Characteristics of Learners

3.0 Knowledge of Assessment, Diagnosis , and Evaluation

4.0 Knowledge of Planning, Content and Practice

5.0 Knowledge of Managing Student Behavior and Social Interaction Skills

6.0 Skills and Instructional Methodology

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