Course Description

In this course, educators will develop a toolbox of accessibility and engagement tools designed to increase learning and ease of access to resources. We will explore tools that available at no cost to educators or students. Teachers will use the tools and design practical application plans for their own classrooms and/or schools. Some of the tools we will explore include: Microsoft Translator, Powerpoint Presentation Coach, Immersive Reader, Flipgrid, and possibly Seeing AI, and Office Lens as well.

Course Outline

Each course session will be designed around a particular tool and learning activity. Students will participate in synchronous online sessions and then pursue their assigned tasks asynchronously before reporting back to the whole group. Each session of the course participants will:

  1. Receive direct instruction and modeling of a particular tool.
  2. Develop a learning activity centered on that tool for classmates to try.
  3. Attempt the learning activities provided by classmates. Offer Feedback
  4. Receive feedback and revise learning activity, if necessary.

Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of this course students will know how to:

  • Use Immersive Reader across platforms and know the applications thereof.
  • Set up and run a Microsoft Translator session with multiple languages.
  • Use and coach others in using Powerpoint Presentation Coach.
  • Use Flipgrid and other tools to increase accessibility and equity in the classroom.
  • Develop effective, purposeful plans for applying these tools in the classroom and community.
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