Course Description

How can I teach to ensure the learning of all students? This is a necessarily large question and it encompasses questions of planning, instructing, and assessing students. It involves knowing the individual students in your classroom and the standards of your discipline. What do you want the students to know and be able to do? How will you design this learning? How will you modify your lessons to meet the needs of various learners?  This course is a yearlong accompaniment to your yearlong alternative route residency. Your internship will be the laboratory of your learning. You will be in the classroom for the duration of the year, applying learnings from this course to your actual teaching placement. This course will begin with management for preparing for the start of a classroom. It will then move into learner development and the neuroscience of learning. We will discuss methods of assessment and feedback and how to integrate technology to meet your instructional goals. You will be asked to design an entire unit based upon Understanding by Design (UbD) principles. Additionally, you will consider how to teach students discipline-specific literacy, concepts, ways of knowing, and tools unique to itself.


This course is only available for students who have been accepted into SPU's Alternative Routes to Certifcation program that leads to Residency Teacher Certification. Students must also register for actual EDU 6000-level Residency internship credits. This course accompanies that student teaching internship placement.
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