Course Description

Are you feeling under-trained and overwhelmed when it comes to supporting students who are functioning below grade level? Do you struggle with creating meaningful and user-friendly accommodations and modifications for them? In this class you will learn practical strategies and be given a variety of supports that can be easily implemented, so that ALL students feel included, challenged and successful.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of this participants will:

  • understand the core beliefs and benefits of successful inclusive education
  • be able to successfully collaborate with staff and families to create a positive, appropriate and meaningful inclusion education for all students
  • understand how the principles of universal design for learning (UDL) can help you make accommodations for students by providing multiple means of representation, expression and engagement.
  • know why curriculum modifications are made and how to maintain high standards by implementing strategies that encourage deeper learning and extend thinking.
  • be able to implement strategies and plan modifications that help students to be included in lessons at an appropriate level.
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