Course Description

This continuing education professional development course re-imagines how business ought to serve customers by applying the lens of Christian faith. The course builds upon the SPU-produced Faith & Co film series with a focus on the Season 3: Serving Customers film stories. These are evocative short film stories of practitioners and companies who have thought deeply about and have wrestled with the practicalities of implementing faith-based practices in and through their companies. It also uses interviews with executives and other subject matter experts. Students will be challenged to rethink some of the taken-for-granted assumptions that are built into normal business practices and to “de-/re-construct” business models.

Course Outline

  • Welcome, Introduction/Overview & Instructions/Providing Good Goods – The Canlis Story
  • Providing Good Goods – The X-Gym Story
  • Justice & Provisioning the Poor, Marginalized, & Underserved – The PICSA Story
  • The Ethic of Relational Love - The McCoy’s Building Supply Story
  • The Ethic of Relational Love - The Guardian Bank Story
  • Building Trust – The Flow Automotive Story
  • Celebrating True Beauty - The Magpies Girl Story
  • Celebrating Crafted Beauty-The Saddleback Leather Story

Learner Outcomes

After completing this course, students will be enabled to bring a Christian faith-informed mindset to the practice of business and marketing in hopes of better contributing to the flourishing of customers; to more fully live integrated lives as faithful professionals in business.

  • Explore the implications of Christian faith and theology for business, specifically for serving customers, developing, and maintaining customer relationships, and marketing practices.
  • Provide practical examples of how faith-based values can be expressed in business and marketing.
  • Develop the integration and synthesis of business experience and theological concepts.
  • Encourage and equip students to make meaningful and practical connections between faith and the practice of business and marketing.
  • Provide opportunities for discussion, self-reflection, and the development of practical action plans.


Each week’s module will “unlock” on Monday morning at 12:01am (00:01 Pacific Time) in the order listed in the Schedule. Students must log on to the Canvas® course site and click “Modules” on the left navigation bar.

All learners should complete the professional and personal development activities for each week’s module by midnight (23:59 Pacific Time) the following Sunday evening. Each module should take 60-90 minutes to view/read the content and an additional 60-90 minutes to engage in thoughtful discussion of and reflection on the topics.

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