On-Campus Summer Courses for Educators

Held on the campus of Seattle Pacific University, our 2019 Summer Institutes intensive sessions provide K–12 educators with valuable opportunities to grow professionally, gain practical teaching strategies, and transform their classrooms into inclusive, vibrant learning environments. 

Questions can be directed to rennp@spu.edu.

Staying on campus

If you are interested in staying on campus during your Summer Institutes course, please contact conferences services to request a room.


“A phenomenal instructor! I’m happy that this was the intro into my endorsement program; it was a perfect reintroduction into the academic world, and I’m more excited than ever to get going now.”

“This course challenged me because it really made me deconstruct my process. The instructors gave me great feedback and I really enjoyed working with my colleagues as well!”

“The collaboration was helpful and effective. The subject matter was very helpful as well as professionally topical.”

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