This application is no longer available for completion online.
Submission Deadline

Jul 26, 2023

To submit your Clock Hour Documentation Assignment for 12 clock hours through Seattle Pacific University, please use this online submission portal OR email your submission to Email instructions here.

Clock Hour Documentation Assignment Directions: 

  1. Download the PDF of the assignment. Please type or neatly print your information on this document. 
  2. Complete the cover sheet with all requested information listed clearly. 
  3. Record complete session title and duration for each session you’ve attended. 
  4. Obtain the speaker’s signature to verify your attendance for each session.  
    • If you cannot access the speaker and are unable to obtain a signature for any of your sessions, please provide a 2-3 sentence summary of the session. Type or neatly write this directly on the log document.

Submission must be neat and legible. We recommend making a photocopy for your records. Deadline to register for clock hours is July 12th, 2023, at 11:59 PST, but assignments will be accepted through July 26th, 2023. Any registrations that are not accompanied by an assignment submission will be dropped with no refund. 

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