5532 - Grammar in English Language Teaching
CEU 3884 - Enhancing Cultural Competence in the Classroom
CEU 3886 - Beyond Cultural Competence: Teacher as Advocate
CEU 3887 - Brain Building Blocks for Culturally Responsive Classrooms
ECED 5006 - Catalyzing Socially Just Educators and Schools
EDCN 5734 - Teaching Diversity: Influences & Issues in the Classroom
EDCN 5882 - Talented & Gifted: Working with High Achievers
EDCT 5289 - Embracing Diversity: Managing Diverse Schools and Classrooms
EDCT 5392 - Understanding and Using the New English Language Proficiency Standards to Support ELLs
EDCT 5495 - Moving Beyond Barriers to Cultural Proficiency
EDCT 5496 - Introduction to Cultural Proficiency by Lindsey, Robins, and Terrell
EDCT 5497 - Culturally Proficient Leadership by Raymond D. Terrell and Randall B. Lindsey
EDCT 5506 - Book Study: Raising Intelligence and Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind
EDCT 5523 - Reaching Diverse Learners
EDCT 5527 - Understanding Special Learning Populations
EDCT 5562 - Embracing Diversity: Global Education
EDCT 5569 - Teaching Without Bias: Exploring How Race Influences Relationships
EDCT 5570 - White, Not Racist and Guilt Free
EDCT 5608 - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Education
EDCT 5609 - Enhancing Cultural Competence in the Classroom
EDCT 5610 - Beyond Cultural Competence: Teacher as Advocate
EDCT 5617 - Thriving in America as an Ethnically and Racially Conscious Person
EDCT 5618 - Book Study: Hillbilly Elegy: A memoir of a Family & Culture in Crisis
EDCT 5619 - Book Study: The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
EDCT 5676 - Culturally Relevant Practices: Connecting with All Kids
EDCT 5677 - Exploring the Intersection between Implicit/Explicit Bias and Its Societal Implications on Race
EDCT 5678 - Let’s Talk About Race
EDCT 5679 - Addressing and Avoiding Microaggressions: Becoming a Courageous & Compassionate Communicator
EDCT 5680 - Leveraging Privilege and Entitlement: Overcoming Barriers to Access and Equity
EDCT 5681 - The Tragedy of Non-ness
EDCT 5691 - Culturally Responsive Teaching
EDCT 5714 - The Letters of Equality (LGBTQ plus)
EDCT 5734 - Book Study: The Warmth of Other Suns
EDCT 5735 - Book Study: White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide
EDCT 5738 - Book Study: Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain
EDCT 5741 - Understanding the Skin That We Speak
EDCT 5742 - Unpacking the Asian Model Minority Myth Through Critical Race Theory
EDCT 5743 - Leading Without Bias
EDCT 5759 - Book Study: Teaching for Black Lives-Creating Meaningful Race Conversations in the Classroom
EDRD 5843 - Diversity in Literature? Not all Books are Created Equal
EDSP 5795 - Accommodating Gifted Students in the Regular Classroom
EDU 5937 - Individualized Travel Study for Academic, Professional and Personal Growth
ELT 5530 - Foundations of English Language Teaching: Theory and Application
ELT 5531 - Approaches and Methods in English Language Teaching
ELT 5532 - Grammar in English Language Teaching
ELT 5538 - Young Learners and English Language Teaching
ELT 5542 - Assessment of English Language Students
ELT 5545 - Classroom Issues and Management in Teaching English Language Learners
ELT 5546 - Professionalism, Advocacy, and Leadership in English Language Teaching
ELT 5549 - Book Study: A Course for Teaching English Learners
ELT 5550 - English Language Learner: Methods & Materials


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